As a curly girl I have tried every type of extensions straight, permed and steam permed extensions and NONE of them worked!

I was the first person to say “Texture matching is just as important as color matching to have a seamless blend.” Why? Because it’s TRUE! And as a curly girl I live it in my own life and know it through my client’s experiences.

Natural texture is the only choice for curly extensions because it’s soft and bouncy just like naturally curly hair.

A natural head of curly hair will have variance. With other brands you have been told to mix textures because their hair is permed to create texture. So in order to get a variance or a more “natural” look you will have to use multiple textures that have been permed each differently. That is not the case with our hair.

Adored Signature Handtied Hair Extensions are Indian temple hair which means it is naturally textured not chemically permed or steam permed. For that reason you are going to get more than one curl pattern between colors and possibly even in one weft.

We have three textures of hair: subtle body (straight), beachwave and curly. It is extremely important that you match the extensions texture to closely match your client’s natural hair.

natural vs permed

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When straight extensions are installed on a client with natural curl they fall flat in the humidity while the curly hair swells. An easy “tell” that someone has extensions.

With permed extensions the curl pattern is entirely too consistent to blend well with naturally curly hair. Again, a fail in creating the perfect blend.

I am grateful to the stylist who let me use this picture of the brunette because it gives a very good visual to what happens if you don’t properly match the textures.

texture matching

Looking at the picture you can see that the client has naturally curly hair. Very curly.

Curly and beachwave textures from Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions were mixed in this picture. You can see the straighter hair on the top left and the curly peeking out underneath on the right side. The textures are so different and dry differently.

This also becomes a problem when cutting the extensions. If you have smoothed and cut the extensions straight it will appear to be a perfect blends. But, once the hair is washed, it will spring up more in areas that are naturally curly and not as much where the beachwave texture was used.

This is the exact reason we recommend only using naturally curly to create length on curly and using one texture of hair on a head at a time.


And it’s not just the texture…the extensions need to be installed higher up and closer to the head.

This is another reason I’m in the process of rolling out my curly girl install method in 2024. I’d love some feedback from you on install methods. Please take a moment to complete this survey.

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