While it seems that winter may never end…Spring Break and summer are just around the corner. Along with warmer temps and sunshine comes the heat and humidity.

Trust me when I say the humidity will expose your client’s natural texture, If you have put in straight hair extensions and your client has a wave or curl, their natural hair will spring up and the straight extensions will hang. EXPOSING THEIR LITTLE SECRET FOR ALL TO SEE!


So now is the perfect time to add the Adored Signature Hand Tied Beach Wave or Curly extensions to your client’s hair!

As a stylist you know the horror of straight hair extensions mixed with a client who has some natural wave or curl to their hair. Then add in weather conditions and mass chaos can happen if hair textures don’t match!


But with the options of Beach Wave and our Curly Hair extensions you can match your client’s texture resulting in beautiful volume and length.

For a limited time we are offering 10% off of all our Adored Signature hand-tied hair extension textures (use BEACHWAVES as the coupon) and 50% off of our color rings (use COLORRING50 – you’ll have to add the coupons in separately as you check out). This promotion is good until Feb 22, 2020.

Don’t hesitate, be prepared to make your client’s hair dreams come true for their upcoming Spring Break vacations!

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