I talk all the time about texture and texture matching. Its one of the reasons I launched my own line of hair extensions. As a curly girl myself, straight and permed extensions were never the right fit for me.

After having my own line of extensions with three different textures, subtle body, beach wave and curly, it became even more apparent to me that I needed to address the install methods.

Every client has unique a unique texture, head size and shape and lifestyle to consider when installing extensions. THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL FOR INSTALLATION

As the creator of the Adored Signature Install Methods, I’ve addressed all the concerns that bothered me with other techniques I’ve learned.

During my Curl Tour you will learn 3 different install methods. Yes, I said three.

Each modification will help you to customize the install for your client based on their hair texture, the size and shape of their head, as well as their lifestyle.

The Adored Signature Install Methods will revolutionize your hair extension journey and give you a deep understanding of the install methods to significantly boost your business’s profitability.

Our Adored Signature Install Methods establish a solid foundation, ensuring flat and undetectable end beads that won’t cause tension or pull on natural hair. With zero over direction and fewer attachments, the risk of damage is minimized.

The Methods

Watch the Video

I’m committed to an intimate setting for this learning experience. There is nothing more frustrating as a stylist than to pay for a training and get lost in the crowd, not have the opportunity to fully see what is being taught and missing out on getting specific questions answered.

I promise to you that you will get the best of me and my team during our two days together.

We are launching the Curl Tour at my salon on December 10th and 11th, with other dates available in 2024.

Join me and my team for this excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and increase your revenue potential.

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