In order to get the perfect curl (that will last for days) you need the perfect combination of styling technique and products.

For Curls Like This

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It all starts with properly detangling the natural hair and extensions.

Next, you need to use a technique to create separation and curls while applying the proper combination of products.

Finally, diffuse, diffuse, diffuse! Never let hair extensions air dry! Diffusing helps to create more curl and set the curls.

The best way for you to learn the techniques and get your hands on the combination of products to properly style curls that last for days is to sign up for a one-on-one training experience with me!

In the one-on-one training I cover everything from installation tips, to cutting and blending to coloring the extensions. We spend the entire day talking EVERYTHING curly…all of these lessons you can also apply to your non-extension clients with textured hair so it is a great education opportunity for you to grow as a stylist.

As a bonus I have added a second day option in 2023 to allow you for more hands-on time working with curls.

With the 2nd day bonus you will watch and learn how I cut and style my curly-haired clients that do not have hair extensions. Then you will have a model (provided for you) that you will cut and style with me at your side. This will help you to understand the art of collapsing the curl and how to cut the curls for volume.

Now let’s talk Beauty Boxes…these boxes contain every single product you will need to successfully style curly hair. From styling tools and products to shampoo and deep conditioners we have you covered with everything you need to style and keep extensions healthy. Proper care is essential to the life of hair extensions.

It includes:

  • Hair Extensions Detangling Brush
  • Comb
  • Pink Pewter Rue Headband
  • Iles Formula Shampoo
  • Iles Formula Conditioner
  • Iles Formula Hair Mask
  • Iles Formula Curl Revive
  • Ouidad Triple Treat Deep Conditioner
  • Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Strong Hold Gel
  • Ouidad Finishing Mist
  • Color WOW Dream Coat
  • Hair Clips
  • Wide Tooth Comb

So what are you waiting for? What client wouldn’t want curls like this…that can last for days? Sign up for your curly one-on-one training today!

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