My guest’s natural hair was 2” outgrowth of natural dark level 3 (which was perfect!) then there was a band of faded eggplant to pink/purplish for the next 3” and then her mid shaft to ends was a warm medium brown. I used shades to deepen and fix.

1oz 5NW (to build a base)
1oz 5M (to neutralize the pink/purple because it reflects blue/green) and
1/2 Oz of 6GI (1. Because I love the GI series and 2. Gold/ iridescent just about covers everything!)

I first applied to zone 1 & 2 to cover the purple/pink band and combed down like a root smudge. After 10 minutes of processing then coated her ends with the same formula. Her ends were porous so the fear was if it was on too long it would suck in the color and get too dark and I wanted her ends to still be just smidge lighter.

This is 2 full rows of color #3 “the Bella” in subtle body of Adored Signature Hand-tied Hair Extensions, 3 wefts on bottom row and 3 wefts on top row.

Nothing complicated at all 💙👑

So what is different in Subtle Body vs Beachwave? In my eyes it is STRAIGHT but with a smidge of body. It is silky and soft. I am in love! Perfect for clients with naturally straight or the slightest wave.

Beautiful Brunette01 - Adored Signature Hair Extensions

With Adored Signature Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Beautiful Brunette02- Adored Signature Hair Extensions

Before Hair

Beautiful Brunette03- Adored Signature Hair Extensions

Beautiful Brunette04 - Adored Signature Hair Extensions

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