Hey it’s me Jennifer your curly girl who created Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair!

Let me be the one to show you all the things about curly hair extensions. I created this line of hair first and foremost for my client, then myself and now you.

Except there’s one thing…. I understand curly, I eat sleep and drink curly. It’s a culture in my salon, a way of life and a commitment.

All Things Curly

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Most stylist only understand straight hair and there seems to be a bit of a road block when it comes to curly.

Sure you know how to cut hair and you can “style” curly but when it really comes down to it, do you?

The same people that have been so sure have been in my customer service email box with issues. The same people are the first to slam me on social media when things don’t go their way. Yet come back for more because those same struggles follow suit with every other extension line that carries curly.

There is a method, a system and a process for curly. I have figured it out and removed the guesswork that can cost you thousands if you think you can wing it.

Every time I throw my hands up in dismay I come back to the fact that I need to educate and train stylists that want to learn all there is to know about curly.

If you want to learn from first hand experience and not just second hand news you need to spend the day with me.

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