What’s the oil myth?

It’s the myth that oil delivers moisture to hair. While this can be argued all day long, the reality is that the majority of oils are silicone based.

adored signature hand tied hair extensions9

So what does that mean?

It means that the silicone will coat the hair and suffocate out any possible nutrients that can be delivered from conditioners and styling products.

It’s also not water soluble. Therefore, it does not wash out with simple water creating a build up of silicone requiring a strong clarifying treatment to remove.

So now let’s discuss the hazards of silicone build up on your extensions with heat tools.

  • Oil holds in heat.
  • Oil creates a microwave effect on your hair heating from the inside out. The very core of the extensions can be destroyed with too much heat. Compromising the strength that holds the hair strong.
  • The intensified heat will scorch the cuticle right off. Adored Signature Hand-tied Hair is raw hair which means our cuticle is 100% in tact. It’s not striped off in the manufacturing process.


The cuticle gives added strength for the longevity of the hair extensions and it’s important that the cuticle stays intact. Since the cuticle is intact there is no need to have it coated with silicone to make it shiny – the cuticle does that on its own.

What else can happen from the effects of oil and hot tools?

  • Discoloration of your hair color. Blondes and brunettes will become brassy.
  • A thermal hair cut. Yep. Your extensions will become shorter and shorter from the intense heat and too much silicone.

What’s the best alternative?
Iles Formula Hair Finishing Serum (for softer finer textures) and Curl Revive (for coarser textures) trust me when I tell you this is the BEST way to deliver moisture, shine and strength to your Adored Signature Hand-tied Hair Extensions.

iles finishing serum

iles curl revive

Not only does it have a bunch of amazing ingredients to keep your hair extensions perfect, it is water soluble and rinses out with water alone. It is the perfect blowout serum that will condition as it heats and deliver a shine seal like no other. Treat your hair extensions to the luxury that Iles has to offer.

Don’t you and your clients deserve the best?

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