The number one question I get is, “How do you accomplish so much?”

In this episode of The Curly Girl’s Obsessions, I discuss how I do exactly that. It may not sound glamorous. It may even sound too regimented, but if you want to do the things to get you ahead, it takes a plan and consistency. I hope you get some really good nuggets of information for your daily practice that help motivate you to do and be more.

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Curly hair, leadership, and the curly hair movement. 0:00

Curly hair, extensions, and productivity. 5:15

Career growth and work-life balance for a hairstylist. 11:13

The importance of being regimented and scheduled for success. 17:07

Morning routine for mental and physical preparation. 21:59

Overcoming fear and excuses to achieve goals. 27:09

Treating a hairstyling career like a business. 32:24

Overcoming self-doubt and taking action for a speaking opportunity. 37:32

Difficulties in following up with potential speakers. 42:35

Setting intentions and overcoming obstacles. 48:24

Overcoming fear and obsessive drive for success. 53:54

Personal growth and development. 59:12

Spirituality, mind control, and business strategy. 1:03:15

Planning and organization for success. 1:08:19

Productivity, goal-setting, and execution. 1:14:11

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