Curly hair naturally has a raised cuticle which can cause tangling and frizz. Which means that curly hair requires a solid foundation of detangling, proper products and the correct technique when styling to prevent tangling and frizz.

I cannot emphasize enough how much the proper techniques and products are to the health of hair extensions.

Failing to properly detangle extensions can ruin them. This is 100% AVOIDABLE!

I want to share my knowledge about working with curly extensions with you so that you can share that knowledge with your clients!

The last thing any of us want is a client who is displeased with their hair. And proper education is KEY for any extensions client – no matter how long they have had extensions!

You know the phrase – we do better when we know better?

I can tell you in my lifetime of having curly hair, 30 years of being a stylist and 15+ of working with hair extensions – I have learned A LOT! And with that experience I have refined my techniques for working with curly hair, as well as the products that I trust to be the best of the best.

My one-on-one training sessions cover everything from creating the perfect blend, to cutting the extensions to expand them, to the key steps in styling the extensions.

In this video I show you what my hair looks like after a week. I even was stuck sitting in the rain. And while you can see that my natural hair is starting to tangle and frizz, the extensions still look great!

Jenn Curly 101

Watch the Video

How is that? The combination of the right products and the proper styling methods!

Product and style technique is essential to create a foundation that allows you to get longevity out of your look.

Here’s my product routine…

  • Shampoo twice with Iles Shampoo.
  • Comb through the Ouidad Triple Treat Deep Conditioner with a wide tooth comb – getting all the tangles out!
  • Rinse
  • Comb through the Iles Deep Treatment, after 10 minutes then add the Iles Conditioner over to lock in the deep treatment. After 2- 3 minutes rinse.
  • Spray a foundation of Iles Curl Revive.
  • Use the Felicia Leatherwood Brush and the styling comb to section my hair to ensure all tangles are out.
  • Apply Ouidad Advanced Climate Control gel to each section and comb through with the styling technique that you will learn in my training session.
  • Spray Color Wow Dreamcoat for Curly Hair to block humidity.
  • Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!!! Never leave curly hair to air dry!!
  • If you want longevity for your curly style, if you want to learn how to create the perfect blend matched with cutting technique to help the actual extensions expand like the natural hair and SO MUCH MORE… then a one on one hands on day is for you!

In addition to the one-on-one training you will receive full access to our care and styling videos that you can reference at any time and a swag bag valued at $175.


I am now also offering a 2nd day training for curly where you will have the opportunity to learn more about working with curly hair clients who don’t have extensions.

With 87% of the WORLD having some form of wave to kink in their hair you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice if you don’t expand your horizons and learn about different cutting techniques to accommodate textured hair.

With the 2nd day bonus you will watch and learn how I cut and styles my curly-haired clients that do not have hair extensions. Then you will have a model (provided for you) that you will cut and style with me at your side. This will help you to understand the art of collapsing the curl and how to cut the curls for volume. We will also discuss how to talk with your curly clients and meet their expectations, how to remove their fears, how to think about curl shrinkage, how to market curly, and how to style curls with confidence, the importance of a “curl set” and SO MUCH MORE!

Learning more about how to work with curly hair opens your market. It opens the potential for you to turn that curly non-extensions client into a curly 2 row or more client!

What are you waiting for?

Reserve your one-on-one training experience for all things curly today!

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