Let’s take a look at the effects of a hot and humid Florida day on Adored Signature Handtied Hair Extensions through our creator Jennifer Johnson Janisch.

humidity test

The foundation for her curls is rock solid strong with first Iles Formula Hair Curl Revive sprayed throughout.

Next up is the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Strong Hold Gel applied in sections for total saturation.

Curls styled using her tried and true “Curly Set”. Once completed she scrunches her hair with Ouidad’s Vitalcurl Defining mousse and mists it with Ouidad’s Finishing Mist as an insurance policy in case she missed a spot without gel.

Last but not least Jennifer uses the Color Wow Hair Dream Coat for Curly Hair liberally throughout to act as a shield against the humidity.

Then comes the diffusing to get the hair as dry as possible. As we know, you NEVER let curly hair especially with extensions air dry!

one hour in

You can see her hair grow from the humidity along with her 3 rows of naturally curly Adored Signature Handtied Hair extensions.

When you have curly hair and hair extensions you need to have CURLY extensions. Weather you wear it curly or blown out the textures need to match in order NOT to look like “hair extensions” or the dreaded mushroom!

three hours in

Permed hair extensions do not deliver the same effect as natural texture.


Because permed extensions are actually straight hair that is permed. Straight hair falls flat in the humidity permed or not and curly hair swells.

Texture matching is just as important as color matching when it comes to hair extensions.

It’s a big deal.

final shot of the day

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