The products that made Ouidad a curly girl’s best friend. The products are the chef’s kiss on the Ouidad cut and style. How did she create them? How did she name them? What did it take to bring this brand to life? What is the next chapter for the “Queen of Curls”?

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Curly hair care and product line creation. 0:00

Hair care products and their impact on hair health. 3:06

Curly hair cutting techniques and their benefits. 9:00

Carving and styling curly hair. 14:44

Curly hair care and shampooing. 17:53

Starting a salon and product line for curly hair. 24:43

Curly hair products and market growth. 30:16

Work-life balance in the beauty industry. 33:32

Passion, work ethic, and entrepreneurship in the beauty industry. 39:17

Team dynamics and mentoring in a salon during COVID-19. 46:01

Career growth and mentorship in the beauty industry. 48:22

Entrepreneurship, podcasting, and hair extensions. 53:11

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