The “beaded” part refers to the row or track that is the foundation of the extensions. It is created with string and a bead. The bead is either made of aluminum or metal and some are lined with silicone. There are many methods that use a beaded weft hair extension row. SKW, NBR and Habit Hand-Tied are just three of many techniques out there. Each technique has a different spin on it but in the end they all have the same result.

Once the beaded row is created wefts of hand-tied hair extensions is clipped onto the row. It is then stitched onto the foundation track that is called a beaded row. Almost always this hair has been rooted and custom colored to match the clients existing hair. That is what makes this method so seamless and undetectable. If the wind blows you can not see were the beaded weft extensions start in the natural hair when they are done properly.

At Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions, we feel our hair is the premium choice for a beaded row weft method. the wefts are fine and super flexible. The return hair on the weft blends in seamlessly with the hand-tied hair extension. Our hair is Indian Remy Temple hair. Which has a nice body to it and if your client has curly hair…. we stock natural curly hand-tied hair extensions!

When you are creating your beaded weft hair extension row we hope you choose Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair to attach to your foundation track.

Lots of Love, Jennifer

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