Last week we talked about some basics of why Adored Signature Hand Tied Hair is different and superior to other lines. If you missed it you should definitely read all the reasons why the BEST hair comes from India.

So reason #2 Adored Signature Hand Tied Hair Extensions are silicone FREE!

The silicone is applied to make it smooth and shiny. The silicone masks what has just been done to the hair.


I have learned that silicone is not an extension’s friend regardless of why it was put on the extension.

The silicone masks all the processes done to the extensions by the manufacturer. The cuticle is stripped off with an acid bath. The hair is lightened way past what is believed to be possible and in most cases colored to another shade, a wave pattern is added in or straightening chemical has been applied for consistency or both! Then silicone is applied to create the illusion of shiny, healthy hair.

After several washes it is gone and you are left with a hot mess of tangles. It does what we call “crawling” which looks like a matted mess after brushing 10 minutes prior.

More tips to come, but even better if you are interested in learning more book a training day with me! The one-on-one experience will be customized for everything you are seeking to know! The look and learn group training will guide you through some great training on working with extensions (especially curly).

christine potts

Christine Potts (@cpottssalon) came to our hands on curly training and this is what she had to say about her experience….

“I loved so many things about taking the one on one curly hair class. I learned about the curly textures and why you wouldn’t mix those on an install. Styling curly hair and getting the education on the products used and why. All of the tips for cutting curly hair were super helpful and I especially loved seeing how to sleep in curly hair.”


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