As a stylist trained in installing hair extensions you know that the installation is only part of the process of ensuring your clients will love their hair transformation.

Proper cutting, blending and styling their extensions with their natural hair is essential.

Which is why we have created these detailed training videos and are now offering them in bundles so you can get exactly what you need to best serve your clients.

The Textured Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Training Videos are priced at $600 (originally priced at $750 so that’s a savings of $150!). It shows in detail two different cutting techniques, one to blend and one to create more curl as well as maintaining, coloring formulas and overall troubleshooting.

But that’s not all we have.

We also have our Textured Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Training Videos combined with Curly Hair Extensions Care Tutorials (an additional 17 videos) – which normally costs $1089 is now only $750. That’s almost $340 off!


In these videos you will not only learn about the texturing process but, additionally we show you detailed process for everything from brushing, to shampooing, to styling including the perfect blowout. The bonus of the care videos is that you will learn ways to communicate with your clients about how to best care for their extensions on their own so they continue to love their hair weeks after the install.

Want it all?

The Textured Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Training Videos combined with Curly, Beach Wave and Subtle Body Hair Extensions Care Tutorials (which originally priced at $1385) is now only $850. That’s $535 off! WOW!

These additional 31 videos give you everything you need to know for all hair textures. You get the texturing techniques you need for the perfect cut and blend, and styling tutorials for all three types of hair. Without a doubt the most inclusive and best deal.

As you know, proper care is essential to the life of extensions, which is why we have created our Beauty Boxes. From styling tools and products to shampoo and deep conditioners we have you covered with everything you need to keep your extensions healthy.

And now, for every Beauty Box (there’s a box for Curly and one for Beach Wave and Subtle Body) purchased, you will receive a $25 credit to use on your next purchase. Just make sure that your client enters your name when they purchase the Beauty Box.

This is a win-win for you! Your client’s get all the products they need to care for their extensions to keep them happy in the weeks between their raise and you get $25 to use for your next Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions purchase!


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