Hey there Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extension lovers! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Summer brings about humidity. Humidity brings out texture in our hair like crazy. Awesome, right? Right.

Now is the perfect time for you to learn what I know about curls and curly hand-tied hair extensions. Yep, I know what you are thinking. You already know all there is to know about curly hair because you have been a hair stylist forever and you know how to layer and scrunch.

Jennifer Curly Hair Extensions

Pssstt…I have a secret – YOU PROBABLY DON’T!

I know that is a pretty bold statement to make but here’s the truth….

How many methods of hand tied extensions are you certified in?
How many reps on rows have you done to date?

If you are really good at your craft, probably tons. Every day a row at least, maybe two.

Friends, I am here to tell you that everyday in the salon, when I am not doing extensions, I do anywhere from 5-10 curly heads a day (pre-COVID), now 3-6 but it is consistent. Just like when I do extensions.

I am consistently working and tweaking my skills with curls.

Curly hand-tied extensions are a bit different from curly hair. 🤔 Why?

Well, for starters, there is a ton of hair packed into one row.

What makes this different? 🤔

  1. It is more work to comb through and remove tangles because it is so tight and compact.
  2. It requires patience, time, and the proper products with the correct amount of product. (Yes it is probably way more than you ever dreamed it would be.)
  3. Your stitching had better be 100% on point!  If it is not, you are going to create tangles for multiple reasons. If you have not caught all the wefts and there is a gap… the weft will act like a rubber band while combing through. It will create an intense amount of friction as it rubs up and down and therefore producing a ton of tangles. Another reason is if your stitching is pulling cross hairs from the clients natural hair or the weft… again friction, tangles and breakage.

Yep, BREAKAGE of the client’s natural hair and quite possibly the extension hair. Your stitching needs to be precise, consistent and perfect. This is the reason why a really great install method spends tons of time teaching you how to stitch properly. Those brands have the best results with the highest retention rates for their clients because there is zero damage to the clients hair. A strong structure needs an amazing foundation.

First, your foundation consists of your track. Second, how well you lay your hair creating equal density throughout. Third, how precisely you stitch it all together. If any of these fail, your work will show it.

So why am I sharing this?

Our new policy is if you have not purchased our curly hair extensions training, all Beachwave and curly hair extensions will be final sales.

(This is not an install method. It is a training on how to cut, style, color, maintain and troubleshoot hand-tied hair extensions with texture.)

I have a lot of knowledge to share. I am not saying that I am the “all knowing” on curly hair. I am sure there is more for me to learn. But what I am telling you is that you will find my information to be extremely informative and helpful.

I get questions daily about curly and beach wave textures and so often I can’t but help feel like if you want to know what I know it is all bundled up right inside of these 10 training videos.

We all know reps is the most important thing in this business. We all want to learn from the extension artists who are doing extensions day in and day out. We want to know their marketing tips and tricks. We all want to know what skill takes their work to the next level.

Trust me when I tell you it is the same with curls. All curls are different. All products for curls are NOT created equally. You don’t sleep the same with curly extensions as you do straight. You do not cut the same for curly as you do for straight hair. Last but not least, you definitely do not style the same for curly as you would for straight.

I also go over trouble shooting. (This is the longest video out of all 10) just like with extension installs a lot needs to be tweaked here and there. I share it with you.

Since you made it this far here is the Curly Hair Extensions Care FAQs for your client on how to take care of their curls.

🥁 roll please!!!!!! With the promo code TEXTURETRAINING, you will receive 40% off the training till AUGUST 1st 11:59pm CST!!

Wait…. why am I doing this????

Well, I want to be tagged in some of the most AMAZING INSTALLS!!! 🤣🤣🤣

No, really I want you all to be super successful in your craft with yet another tool in your toolbox of knowledge. If you did not take advantage of our last email offer, 20% off our Color Ring, it is still active till July 4th 11:59 pm CST.

Hair extension artists we have heard this phrase before…. do the work to help yourself elevate yourself! This is one of those times.

I hope you have an awesome Independence Day!!!
Lots of Love,

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