Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions come in three textures: subtle body (straight), beachwave and curly. It is extremely important that you match the extensions texture to closely match your client’s natural hair.

I am grateful to the stylist who let me use this picture of the brunette because it gives a very good visual to what happens if you don’t properly match the textures.


Looking at the picture you can see that the client has naturally curly hair. Very curly.

So what happened?

Curly and beachwave textures from Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions were mixed in this picture. You can see the straighter hair on the top left and the curly peeking out underneath on the right side. The textures are so different and dry differently.

This becomes a problem when cutting the extensions. If you have smoothed and cut the extensions straight it will appear that it blends perfectly. But, once the hair is washed, it will spring up more in areas that are naturally curly and not as much where the beachwave texture was used.

Your work will not look like you thought it did.

This is the exact reason we recommend only using naturally curly to create length on curly and using one texture of hair on a head at a time.

The reason is because our hair is “naturally curly” not chemically permed or steam permed. This is exactly why I sought out Indian temple hair because Indian hair has texture naturally. For that reason you are going to get more than one curl pattern between colors and possibly even in one weft.

A natural head of curly hair will have variance naturally. With other brands you have been told to mix textures because their hair is permed to create texture. So in order to get a variance or a more “natural” look you will have to use multiple textures that have been permed each differently. That is not the case with our hair.

When creating a full head of curly length use ONLY curly. You do not want the disaster of this pic to be on your hands and know as “your work”.

Texture mixing within our own brand can even cause problems with tangles. Beach wave hair is a softer curl. Natural curl is a tighter curl and the make up naturally is different.

Don’t mix textures and/or brands of extensions. Only use Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions on one head. Or brand “X” on another. Our textures, cuticles and manufacturing processes are probably very different and in the end they will not be friends.

Don’t be afraid your results will be stunning. Trust us 💙

These pictures show the use of curly only resulting in a curly and consistent look.

adored-signature-hair-extensions-Summer Curls02

adored-signature-hair-extensions-Summer Curls01

If curly scares you a little bit, we have the solution. We created a curly cutting, styling, maintaining and trouble shooting hair extensions training. It is available for purchase.

Curly hair is very challenging especially if you mainly do straight hair. It is so much more than cutting layers, scrunching in gel or a cream and diffusing. Just like with extensions you worked and practiced till you perfected your technique, the same goes for curly.

If you want perfection and predictable results it takes knowledge and practice. Lots of practice. We can give you the knowledge you need and the rest is up to you.

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