Let’s face it, the install process takes time! So you should also properly prepare your client for what that hand-tied hair extensions appointment will look like.

Give a good time estimate for how long they will be there. Also, this is a great time for you to take some photos so be sure to coach them on what to wear so you can get some fabulous pics!

It’s also a good idea to ask them to bring along their make-up to retouch. As you know when coloring some of their make-up can get wiped off during the rinsing process.

The more your client knows going into this appointment, the happier they will be with the process and the outcome. And for you, the happier you will be with your work and the photos to show it off!

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Next week I’ll share with you about the next step after the hair extensions are installed…. giving them a take home care sheet.

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