Whew…you’ve gotten through the install. Your work is done. But to make sure your work stays beautiful you need to teach them how to take care of their hand tied extensions.

Let’s be honest, most of your clients won’t understand the care that goes into maintaining and caring for their hair.

At the least…provide them with a take home sheet of how to care for their extensions. We have seen it all, from tangles to pulled out hair…this is a great resource for your clients.

Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Care Take Home Sheet 

adored signature hair extensions take home sheet

We also have care and styling videos that would be very beneficial to your clients. The more skilled they become at taking care of their extensions when they leave your chair the longer they will remain an extensions client.


Check out the care and styling videos here.

And let’s not forget about the products. Another key factor in caring for and styling extensions.

We have assembled a Beauty Box that has everything your client needs to properly care for and style their extensions. If you direct your client to purchase a Beauty Box, make sure they they put your name in the referral box during the checkout process. This will let us know who sent them and we’ll email you a promo code for $25 off your next hair purchase.


As a stylist and salon owner, with my own line of extensions, I am here to help support you in growing your business. I am now available for one-on-one consults. If you have questions about the best method for installing extensions, or how to mentor your assistants to manage their own chair, or how to best market yourself…I am here for you.

Jen Janisch

Book your one-on-one time with me and let’s grow your business!

Next week I’m gonna share tips on how to keep your clients.

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