Now that the install is done, how do you keep a client?

A key factor in keeping clients is checking in with them. It’s important they feel valued as a client especially with the investment they have just made in their hair. Reaching out to see how they are doing will also help you assist them in quality care of their extensions.

Get in the habit of setting their raise appointment before they leave the salon. This shows their commitment to the process and establishes expectations for ongoing services.

You know that quality products are a key to caring for their extensions. The Beauty Box is a perfect way to get them started…it has every tool and product they will need.


And don’t forget, when they purchase the beauty box you get a $25 credit toward your next hair purchase. You will need to make sure they put your name in the Referral box at checkout.

I’m excited to now offer one-on-one consults with me! I can help you through the pros and cons of the install methods, talk with you about ways to grow your clientele, share with you best practices in mentoring your stylists, or answer any questions you have! I look forward to helping you grow your business!

Jen Janisch

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